Welcome to laineymiller.com, my new and rebranded site! Rae Killhim is officially dead, and in her place rises Lainey Miller! My whole life I have been very insecure and self-conscious of who I was and what I was, because being transgender wasn't something I was necessarily proud of, but that all changed when I met my twin flame, and the love of my life, Will. In all my life I have never met someone with a more beautiful and bright soul. He came into my life when I was at one of my lowest and picked me back up and helped me glow brighter than ever before, and I can't thank him enough. And because of that, I found my strength and courage through his unconditional love to finally see myself for who I was and truly accept that I was a brave, beautiful trans woman. So now, there will be no more hiding from the truth or from the world. I am proud to be transgender, and I am proud to be who I truly am. My name is Lainey, and I write fiction books.

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