The Lonely Tree Hill

Hello romance lovers, if you're a fan of soulmates, undying love, and lovers reuniting after being years apart, then do I have the story for you! I'd like to present to you The Lonely Tree Hill, a free short story you can find here. This is the tale of Lycus and Elpis, two children who meet one day upon a hill, and immediately form a bond that forever changes their lives. They become fast friends, and as the years pass, they grow into inseparable lovers. However, when Lycus is called to war, Elpis awaits everyday upon the hill for her lover to return. As desperate as she is for his return, she knows his demise is very likely, and has no choice but to move on with her life. However, love is a powerful emotion that can never truly die, and when Lycus returns into Elpis's life, their union is met with an obstacle that will forever impact their love. This is the tale of an undying love, fueled by the eternal connection of soulmates. I hope you enjoy this free short story and let me know your thoughts! I'd love to hear from you! Keep on loving, lovers!

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