Shop is Open for Business!

I can't believe it, I've always dreamed of this moment and now it's finally a reality! My very own shop! Set up right here on my very own site! I'm proud to announce that the shop is now up and running right here on, the one stop shop for everything Lainey Miller! No more running around with pop-ups and useless links, now you can buy directly from me! I'm so excited I can't even contain it! Please be aware my shop is strictly ebooks for now, but once I start making print copies of my books, and other merchandise, I will include the in the shop! I'm really really excited about this and I hope it makes it easier for all of you as well! No more running around for my books, now you can just buy directly from me, securely too might I add! Thank you all so much for the motivation you give me and the encouragement I need to keep chasing my dreams! Someday I'm going to make it big, and it's all because of you! To visit the shop, please click here!

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