Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's been a while since I've updated this part of my site, but if you've been here before you'll notice there's lots of new changes! I have an extremely lot going on, but the biggest news is I've been really pushing myself and going outside of my comfort zone to reach out to more people and grow a following of likeminded people. In other words I'm connecting to other writers and even readers alike. It's exciting times and I'm exciting to be meeting new people and seeing where this takes me. Of course. other news is I'm nearly finished with another project I've been working on for YEARS... I don't want to say anything or tease any promotions but once this project is all good to go I am going to be pushing it like no one's business! I seriously can't wait and it's been a long time coming! Anyways that's it for now! I hope everyone's having a great day and you're happy and healthy, and I hope you're enjoying the changes being made to the site! Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and other great social sites! Check them out down below!

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