Getting There

Hey everyone. So, I haven't been AS active on social media for a while, and for good reasons. I won't go into details but someone very close to me got really, really sick, and yeah I have been not in the best mind frames and sick with worry. Good news is, they've recovered and very quickly actually! With this good news, I'd like to take this time to now come back to social media and resume promoting my work and building an audience. I'm still an indie author, very unknown, but I'd like to change that and build a career for myself! Writing has always been my number one passion, and now with my loved one recovering fully, I'd like to take my mind off all the stress I've had and do something I love with a passion. So I will slowly be making my way back to social media and trying to be more active than I usually am. I will continue promoting my books and short stories, and even something new in the works! I've got tons of more stories to come, so I can't wait to give each and every one the special promotional treatment! Thank you all so much, I hope you're all doing well and happy, and I will be coming back with a full force! (Hopefully!)

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