Black Lives Matter!

I've been all over this subject on my Twitter and my Instagram, but I felt like I should make a blog post on my website about the issue that's at hand. As a lot of you know, George Floyd was an innocent man who had his life taken from him by the gross negligence of the police. As a result, the protests have taught everyone that this is the last straw, and we should not tolerate this anymore. Innocent black lives are being lost, and have been for a very long time because of systemic racism. People of color are more likely to be harassed and even killed by police, and it's time we all stood up and raised our voices. If you wish to be apart of the solution, please donate to Black Lives Matter, or the George Floyd Memorial Fund. Please do what you can to help everyone be truly equal in this country!Until our black brothers and sisters experience true freedom, none of us are truly free! It's time to make a stand! Black Lives Matter!

Click here to donate to Black Lives Matter

Click here to donate to the George Floyd Memorial Fund

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