About Me

A lifelong fan of books, a lifelong fan of games, and a total nerd all around. My name is Lainey Miller and I write fiction books.

All my life I have had a passion for writing. Since I could remember, I have always had my nose stuck in a book, and I left a trail of paper wherever I went. I strive for nothing but the best, and believe in putting excellence out into the world that I can be proud of. I am very passionate about my work and dedicate myself endlessly to the stories I write. My dream is to give readers across the globe a favorite story to read, as so many of my favorite authors have done for me.


In my personal life I am very laid back and spend my time at home, keeping to myself. I love movies/TV shows, books, music, and video games! I'm also married to an amazing English fella! My mission statement: write the best damn stories I can. I currently live in America, in Montana specifically. Click here to view my business card.